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Digital marketing agency

£2m to £5m
Advertising & media, Business services, Creative industries, Technology
North East England
26 September 2019

Business description

The Company is a leading UK Digital Marketing Agency.

It provides a boutique service, specialising in: digital transformation programmes; mobile and tablet apps; systems integration; eServices; high-end web design and build; bespoke software development; and eCommerce.

Consistently outperforms the market through its highly-skilled in-house team, proven delivery model, innovative ideas and creative flair.

Strong management team which has the knowledge and experience to lead the business independently of the shareholder.

Customer base comprises major multinational brands to ambitious SMEs.


Turnover (£'000) Adjusted EBITDA (£'000)
2016 (Actual) 1,900 333
2017 (Actual) 2,031 463
2018 (Actual) 2,421 811
2019 (Actual) 2,278 513
2020 (Forecast) 2,450 626


There is significant further growth potential, including:

- The adoption of a sales and marketing strategy, with the growth to date having been achieved though word-of-mouth referrals;

- Utilise the Company's significant expertise to market into vertical markets; and

- Diversification into complimentary services which the Company is frequently requested to deliver .

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