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IT support to the educational sector

£0.5m to £1m
Professional & financial, Service industries, Technology
East Midlands
15 July 2019

Business description

The company provides a range of IT services to its customer base including IT support and maintenance, broadband, hardware provision and software licensing.

The company chooses to focus on serving educational and B2B customers, though it is highly experienced and could accommodate for any business in need of IT services.

Our clients are offering the company for sale to pursue alternative, unrelated ventures. They would be willing to remain for a handover period, subject to negotiation.

Offers invited.


  • 85 active customers with an 80% retention rate.
  • Benefits from many long-standing customer relationships of over five years.
  • Long-standing relationships with an array of tier-1 manufacturers including HP,Samsung and Apple.
  • Strong second-tier management team in place, able to run the business on a day-to-day basis.
  • Microsoft partner.
  • Operates from remote offices, fully relocatable.
  • Opportunity for growth through increasing current marketing activities and offering complementary services such as cloud-based solutions.


Turnover (£'000) Adjusted EBITDA (£'000)
2016 (Actual) 918 109
2017 (Actual) 938 86
2018 (Actual) 1,084 111
2019 (Actual) 705 87

  • FY19 turnover of £705k with an adjusted EBIT of £87k.
  • FY18 turnover of £1.1m with an adjusted EBIT of £111k.

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