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Office interior designer & furniture supplier

£2m to £5m
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UK Wide
10 June 2019

Business description

The owners have built this business over 20+ years into a premier supplier of office furniture and workplace solutions. Whether it's fitting out the canteen of a university or designing and fitting the office interiors for blue-chip corporate clients, this company excels in what it does, offers a great customer service, and gets a lot of repeat business.

The business is based in the general area of the Midlands / North of England. Exact location is provided in the Confidential Information Memorandum.

The company is run largely by staff and the owners want to retire. The owners are keen on a smooth transition and are open to discussing staying on for as long as necessary to ensure a safe and secure handover.

The owners are open to some element of deferred payment, but under my advice they will not be accepting any offer where the cash component is less than 50%.

There is no "asking price". Expressions of Interest are invited.

To get a copy of the Confidential Information Memorandum, please mention "DealOpportunities-ProjectFurniture" and I shall send you a copy of the Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA). Please provide your full name, address, email address and phone number with your enquiry.

(Disclaimer: Images provided are indicative of the type of jobs this company does but may or may not represent actual jobs done.)


  • 20+ years old, established firm
  • Long history of regular profit.
  • Very low debt, excellent credit history.
  • Loyal, long standing and well trained staff.
  • Regular clients include government organisations, councils, corporates.
  • High barrier to entry in this industry keeps new competition out.
  • No vulnerability to Brexit, to seasonal fluctuations, to any "key" supplier.


Turnover (£'000) Adjusted EBITDA (£'000)
2017 (Actual) 1,900,000 252,000
2018 (Actual) 2,100,000 349,000

2019 is on target to show further steady growth in turnover and profits.

Reason for sale


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