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Sports textiles merchandise manufacturer

£2m to £5m
East Midlands
12 June 2019

Business description

  • Full service offering from design manufacture and delivery.  Products include knitted scarves, hats, cushions, jumpers and personalised products.
  • Works with many of the world’s top sporting brands, including Premier League football clubs
  • Products are also manufactured for theme parks, TV shows and tour merchandise for rock and pop groups  
  • No single customer accounts for a significant proportion of turnover
  • Customer relationships are of significant length with a high degree of stickiness
  • Very high barriers to entry into the industry
  • Sales are recurring and demand short lead times


  • Works with many of the worlds top sporting brands
  • High Barriers to entry
  • Significant levels of recurring sales
  • Significant scope for growth


Turnover (£'000) Adjusted EBITDA (£'000)
2020 (Forecast) 3,000 300

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