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How do I find out more about an opportunity?

To display all the information we have on an opportunity please click on the opportunity heading. Detailed information will then appear.

To contact the person responsible for an opportunity, please click on the Get their contact details button (at the foot of each detailed description), complete the details required and you will then receive an automated email containing their contact details. If a non-disclosure / confidentiality agreement or summary / teaser has been provided then this will also automatically be emailed to you when you enquire about the opportunity.

You will receive this information, usually within seconds, by email – this is entirely free of charge. There are no upfront fees, no success fees, no contingency fees, no hidden charges – it’s absolutely free of charge.

Is Deal Opportunities Limited acting on all these opportunities?

No. Deal Opportunities Limited is not acting on any of these opportunities. All opportunities have been posted to the website by corporate finance advisors, business brokers, accountants, other advisers and occasionally by company owners.

Who can post a business sale or business wanted listing?

Anyone, provided they comply with our terms and conditions.

What does it cost?

It’s absolutely free to obtain all the information listed on this website along with the adviser’s contact details.

To post an opportunity to the website costs 1 Credit for a regular listing and 2 Credits for a premium listing. Credits are the currency used on this website. All listings are priced in Credits. Cost of Credits – the more Credits you buy, the lower the price per Credit.

What are the differences between a regular listing and a premium listing?

Comparison of regular listings to premium listings.

If I post an opportunity to your website, what level of interest should I expect?

This depends on many factors including the type of business, its size and the quality of the information you provide in your listing.

Statistics showing the average number of enquiries and averages by sector and size.

I wish to post an opportunity to your website. How do I start?

Please register as a user on the website or, if already registered, please logon. Once you have done so the main navigation menu will display the My account page. On the My account page you can add a business sale or wanted listing.

Will my listing be included on your next email campaigns?

Yes. All listings appear in the next daily, weekly and monthly email campaigns. Premium listings also appear one month later and finally three months after the listing went live.

Who receives the email campaigns?

Our email campaigns are received by more than 15,525 professionals, company directors and high net worth individuals. Subscribers choose whether to receive these email updates daily, weekly or monthly. The vast majority of subscribers receive the weekly emails.

How do I subscribe to your deal opportunities emails?

Our deal opportunity email alerts notify you of new opportunities posted to the website. You need to choose whether to receive these emails daily, weekly or monthly – you can change this frequency whenever you wish and you can unsubscribe at any time.

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Contacting us

This website is designed so that you can obtain further details of any opportunity, post your own opportunities and buy Credits without needing to contact us.

How can I contact you?