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Will my listing be included in your email campaigns?

All listings appear in the next daily, weekly and monthly email campaigns.

Premium listings also appear on daily, weekly and monthly campaigns one month later and finally three months after the listing went live.

Our emails are received by more than 15,525 professionals, company directors and high net worth individuals. It is these email campaigns that generate most of the interest in the opportunities featured on this website.

(Next campaigns)

(Again after one month)

(Again after 3 months)

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(Again after one month)

(Again after 3 months)

What are the other advantages of premium listings?

Premium listings are formatted to stand out, both on the website and in our email campaigns.

Premium listings appear first in search results, if the listing is less than 3 months old.

When will my listing go live?

Immediately. You set it live yourself.



Will I receive the contact details of everyone enquiring about my opportunity?

Yes*. When someone requests your contact details, you will immediately receive an email giving their full contact details.
* Except if consent to supplying contact details has been withheld, which historically has been in less than 5% of cases.

Can I upload a non-disclosure agreement and one page teaser?

Yes. You can upload your non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and / or one page teaser when you first submit the opportunity to the website or later by editing your listing.

When someone asks for further information about your listing, as well as receiving your contact details, they will also receive any NDA and teaser document that you have provided.

How long will my listing remain live on the website?

The default life of a listing is 12 months.

You can remove the listing at any time from the website on the My Account page.

12 months

12 months

Can I edit the listing after it goes live?

You have full editing control on the My Account page.

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